Intentional communities

Sojourn is a loving community. Our leaders are encouraged by that and want to encourage it. A little structure helps us to be inclusive–both of sojourners and others. With that in mind we’d love you to be part of one of our intentional communities. Here’s why:

We’re a regional church which means that we don’t all see each other during the week outside the bank or in the line at the grocer’s. And we’re a loving church which means we aren’t about to resign ourselves to relationships which only go as deep as seeing each other once a week allows. So we plan to see each other. We do that because relationships are good and because relationships are the soil in which the mission and fellowship and discipleship grow.

A lot of opportunities to disciple one another occur in ordinary life. Most of our opportunities to share the gospel with those who don’t yet believe begin in ordinary life. Our aim with our intentional communities is to maximise those and other opportunities to do good. As each of us is deliberate about being with one another and including friends who don’t yet know Jesus, our ordinary life opportunities to love one another and everyone else increase. That love takes many forms and, in view of eternity, will certainly include pointing to Jesus who saves.

Our intentional communities tend to form around a regular (mostly weekly) activity. Ask around and get involved!