It is our habit to encourage sojourners to rethink their giving to Sojourn and other ministries regularly. Decisions and deposits remain private.

Why encourage a regular rethink?

It encourages thoughtful, planned and regular giving (1 Corinthians 9:7). In the busyness of life, is easy to forget to give or to give only what is left after other priorities have been met. God has a lot to say in the Bible about money and generosity.

(If you’d like help in thinking through your giving to Sojourn and beyond, the Time, Talents and Treasure document will provide some pointers.)

Why keep our decisions and deposits private?

Not to spare embarrassment but to avoid pride.  Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 6:1-4 is that secrecy safeguards sincerity. We mustn’t give so that others will see and be impressed. The question, “How would I feel if my giving was known publicly?” is helpful in diagnosing our attitude to giving.