About Sojourn

Sojourn Bible Church is a group of men, women and children in whom the Spirit of God is at work as the Bible is read and preached. His work is obvious as they express their confidence of forgiveness in the Lord Jesus and in love lay their lives down in service to one another. Our prayer is that he will continue to keep and mature us and that he would bring many to know God in Christ.

We are very aware that there is more to life. We live now, we put roots down, we enjoy relationships with one another and around the city… Yet we know we will ‘move on’. We have a lasting home in heaven. One day we will go home. The word sojourn in our name echoes that awareness. (It means to dwell temporarily.)

We are Bible people. We know and love and trust and proclaim the Lord Jesus who we meet in the Scriptures.

You’re welcome any time. Come as you are.