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Sojourn is committed to teaching straight from the Bible every Sunday. We’re eager to take what God says there into the everyday ordinary. Wherever we look in the Bible, we encounter God who is perfect and awesome, welcoming and forgiving. We meet him in Jesus.

We want to be a community who believe, trust and obey the God who speaks… and welcome those who are just checking things out. Come as you are.

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Revelation 1:1-8 || BLESSING FROM JESUS




Revelation is a remix: copy | transform | combine
Blessing from Father, Spirit & Son (vv1-8)

  • The Almighty Eternal Father (vv4b,8)
  • The Perfect Holy Spirit (v4c)
  • The Glorious Lord Jesus Christ (1:5-7)
    . Revelation 1:7 is a remix

Revelation is a blessing from the glorious Lord Jesus!

Facebook Cover - Revelation

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